In Memory of Hezekiah Griggs – More Than A Client, A Person That Impacted The World

The Ascendant Group organization mourns the loss of an incredibly talented young CEO, youth advocate, and inspirational figure Hezekiah Griggs III. We had the pleasure of working with this 28 year old transformative figure that impacted an entire generation for nearly 4 years.

Hezekiah passed away on Thursday, December 22nd, shortly after midnight. Our hearts are broken.

After finding success at an early age Griggs became a popular inspirational speaker and youth advocate, all before the age of 15. Still a teenager, he began giving MLK speeches and often educated his fellow millennials and the generation after his on the importance and meaning of the message of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Griggs mentored hundreds of youth, inspired hundreds of thousands of people, and leaves a legacy dedicated towards service.

Though his life was tragically cut short by a car accident in Florida at the age of 28. Griggs lived an ambitious life where he was able to get a lot of philanthropic and professional milestones accomplished. He regularly spoke for church organizations and was a dedicated leader.

"Hezekiah was an amazing and innovative thinker that put God first in everything he did and challenged all to do the same. His entrepreneurial wisdom was unparalleled. He was a good friend and mentor, yes mentor, even 16 years my junior. He created my logo in 2008, he said Kim you are classy and smart, your logo needs to represent you, in 4 minutes he sent over what is now my logo. He was extremely giving and wanted everyone to succeed, especially our young people. I spoke at his leadership camps, he loved seeing youth thrive in our communities. I admired him greatly", said Kim Reed, Senior Partner at The Ascendant Group.

"When I met Hezekiah Griggs I was blown away by the maturity of his voice and business acumen. As I got to know Hezekiah I grew fond of his sense of humor, commitment to inspiring young people, and how focused he was on solving social justice ills even though he was at an age where most of his peers were concerned with having fun; Hezekiah never wasted a moment that he could positively impact a young person's life." Added Raoul Davis, CEO of The Ascendant Group. Another, Partner in the company Louis Lautman, was one of the first people that introduced Hezekiah Griggs story to the world in the inspirational documentary The Young Entrepreneur Society.

While Mr. Griggs has left us his life leaves a legacy. We encourage you to look at this video to get a small sense of that.


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